We've made picking the right plan a very simple and easy process! All our plans have the same features and abilities; you only need to pick the plan that fits your monthly guests, students or customers. 

If you are unsure of which plan you should pick, we suggest doing the following.

  1. Open Bookeo and go to Marketing Reports
  2. Run a report for Bookings and pick 3 full months
  3. View total Participants, divide by 90 and then multiply by 30 to give you a solid monthly average of the number of waivers you process
  4. Pick the monthly plan that fits your traffic (we've made your choices really easy) 
    • This example shows 3,530 total guests over 3 months. 
    • 3530 ÷ 90 x 30 = 1,177 average monthly guests
    • This company should select the BIGGER plan; good for up to 2,000 guests per month.

It really could not be any easier or more transparent. 

View all price plans and signup today at https://ewaiverpro.com/pricing