Don't worry, setting up eWaiverPro is surprisingly simple and you should get up and running in about 5 - 10 minutes!

We recommend opening your waiver document so you can copy and paste the text, and also get your logo to upload. 

STAGE 1 - GENERAL SETUP (1 - 2 minutes)

  1. Set your waiver page URL
    • This is your personal eWaiverPro url (
    • This is where guests will sign their waivers 
    • This is the link you will use in your waiver station kiosk 
  2. Upload your logo
  3. Pick your date format
  4. Select Your Timezone
  5. Save your settings ✅

STAGE 2 - BOOKEO SETUP (1 minute)

  1. Setup Bookeo App - confirm and verify
  2. Select how long you'd like the dashboard to display after the booking time (we suggest 10 minutes)
  3. Save your settings ✅

STAGE 3 - EWAIVER SETUP (1 - 2 minutes)

  1. Select where (or if) you want your logo displayed on your waiver
  2. Pick the options you want customers to complete on waiver (email and birthday are usually recommended)
  3. Copy / paste your waiver body content, waiver release content and if you have any; parent or guardian content
  4. Save your settings ✅

STAGE 4 - EMAIL SETUP (2 - 3 minutes)

  1. Enter your company email
  2. Enter your company name
  3. Enter your subject - we recommend "Please Sign Your Waiver" or something like that
  4. We have pre-filled the email with some basic text - feel free to change to meet your need. You can use custom codes to personalize your emails to each guest.
  5. Use the custom "shortcodes" we made to customize your emails. Place any of these shortcodes, with the { }, into your emails to personalize them. 
    • {URL} displays a green Sign Your Waiver button and links directly to their booking • you will want to keep this at at a minimum    
    • {IDBOOKEO} displays a 6 digit code for each booking
    • {FULLNAME} displays the customer's name
    • {BOOKINGTIME} displays the booking data/time
    • {BOOKINGNAME} displays the name of what was booked 
  6. Set your custom options: 
    • Want to send your guests a reminder email to sign their waivers
      • Slide this to YES and complete the reminder email message.
    • Want to send a copy of the waiver to the customer?
      • eWaiverPro captures ALL your guest's email address. If you use MailChimp, you can save every guest who completes a waiver to your Mailchimp account. Activate this option, and follow the instructions to get your Mailchimp API (it takes less than 30 seconds to get the API key). 
      • Save your API key, then pick the email list you want to use. 


Save your settings

When you set the system to active and then save your settings, your guests will start receiving emails asking them to complete their waivers.

Make sure to check out your DASHBOARD ( to view upcoming bookings and to verify who has completed their waivers!!