Here are answers to some common questions about emails through eWaiverPro

Question: How long does it take for my customers or guests to get their "please sign your waiver" email?

Answer: Your customers or guests should receive their email within 5 minutes of their booking. 

Question: How do I customize the "please sign your waiver" email?

Answer: We have pre-populated the email with basic content. Head over to the My Email Settings tab, and from there you have the option to totally customize the emails you send to your customers or guests. You can upload your logo and make the text anything that you like. We made some "shortcodes" so you can add booking specific info: {FULLNAME} put your customers name in. {BOOKINGTIME} and {BOOKINGNAME} put the date/time and name of what they booked. {URL} creates a "SIGN HERE" button that bypasses all the searching to speed up signing their waiver. 

Question: What if I don't use Mailchimp?

No problem, you can export all your guest names and email addresses by going to the My Completed Waivers tab and downloading your customers.