eWaiverPro is designed to run on most any device connected to the Internet, just as most websites will run on them. In order to ensure stability, privacy and functionality, eWaiverPro requires devices with at least the specifications below: 

  1. iOS Devices - Tablets or Smart Phones - running iOS 10 or newer. 
  2. Android Devices - Tablets or Smart Phones - running Android Oreo (8.0) or newer. 
  3. Mac Computers - running OSX 10 or newer, using Chrome, Safari or Firefox Browsers. 
  4. Windows Computers - running Windows 8 or newer, using Chrome, Firefox or Edge Browsers. 

Due to security and privacy concerns, older versions of Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Mac OS or Windows that are no longer supported or kept updated by their creators, are not specifically supported by eWaiverPro.

Devices on the Apple Vintage and Obsolete Products list will not be compatible with eWaiverPro.